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Hi Everyone!

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Hi Everyone! Got my 2017 Aegean Blue Civic LX Hatch last Oct. Have just changed rims and put on the winter tires. I have a problem with my power window on the driver's side. It goes up so slowly and it got stuck last night. It's a good thing that it slowly gone up as soon as we were approaching the house. Gone to the dealer this morning but they did not even look at it since they said that I had to get an appointment since they are fully booked today and tomorrow. Well hopefully it will get fixed soon!


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Welcome to the forums and congratulations. That's definitely a proper winter setup. What are you going to be running in the summer ?!
Well, the original rims that came with the car. Still seeing if I can upgrade to some nicer rims for the summer, 17's or 18's. This are 17's that I bought for my 2013 Civic Coupe that I traded in for the new hatch.
Nice!!!!Welcome to the forum.
Thank You! Hope we can all meet in person and have coffee and share stories and tips regarding our cars and help each other.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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