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Here’s another video about my 2017 Honda Civic Hatchback Sport. In this week’s video I just wanted to share a feature that warms my heart as someone who appreciates thoughtfulness in design and in products in general. My Civic is not equipped with automatic wipers. No big deal - I enjoy having more control over the car. Cars are requiring less and less driver involvement so I might as well enjoy my ability to control the car. Anyways so the feature I wanted to share with you is that when you have the front windshield wipers turned on and proceed to put the car in reverse, the back wiper will do a couple of swipes. I don’t know if this feature has a name so I will take the honor of naming it “The Courtesy Wipe” :). When you put the car in reverse, the car knows you’re going to be looking backwards. While the car doesn’t have automatic wipers, it will give you a couple wipes to clear any water or debris from the glass. I just think thats so thoughtful. Kudos to Honda for employing some empathy in their design. As a product builder, I know how important it is to put yourself in your users’ shoes in order to build the best product possible. Hats off to Honda. I’ll take more of that please.

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