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With how popular the new Honda Civic lineup is, it was probably only a matter of time until someone rendered different variations of it like this Honda Civic Cabriolet.

It’s highly unlikely that Honda will come out with a Cabriolet as the company already has the Civic sedan, coupe and the upcoming hatchback. With an already substantial lineup, there really isn’t’ a need for a Cabriolet and Honda hasn’t come out with one in a number of years. Last one we can recall was the Honda S2000.

Maybe there’s a niche market for the Civic Cabriolet since the Volkswagen Golf Cabriolet is still ongoing but it’s a small one. Even Audi is discontinuing their A3 Cabriolet around 2018.

Granted, a Cabriolet based on the Civic hatchback doesn’t look too bad with a chopped off roof, four exposed seats and two missing rear passenger doors. Yes, they’ll sell a few of these if Honda ever decides to produce it but at this point we’re more interested in the upcoming hatchback and the accompanying Type R.
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