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Honda Civic Sedan 2016/2107 Subwoofer Quality

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Hi Guys, Went to test drive a civic today. I tried the RS Model. It was great and I loved it compared to my 1994 Holden Nova.

The only thing that's conflicting between choosing the RS or the VTi-L 1.5L is the speaker/sub setup in the RS. I currently have a 12' Sub 1000w amp in my little hatchback and its great.

The RS has a sub and 10 speakers however the VTI-L only has 4 and no subwoofer. For those that own the 2016 civic can you comment on the quality of it(im guessing the sub/speaker setup would be the same if not similar?) I wasn't able to find any specs or details regarding the technicalities of it.

Has anyone modded their civic and upgraded the sound system? is it a tedious process? Im sort of reluctant becuase I will be buying the car brand new and want to avoid having the wires fiddled with and hooked up with my 12' sub/amp.

If anyone can comment on the above topic that would be great.

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Oh the 10 speaker setup and sub is fantastic! But.. yes there's always a but.. sure it's a good system, but if you want a lot of bass regardless of which model you get you'll need a sub, I use to have a Addictive audio V3 in my car and I loved it, but since I've gotten my civic the 10 speakers and sub do it justice, and it's really all I need maybe in the future I'll add my old sub in
The only issue I think there is with modifying the oem head unit to change it because it integrates the hvac in there
When I get the car I'll take it to an audio Shop and see what they would recommend. I don't want to spend 1000s of dollars. If that's the case I'll just keep the current setup
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