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With the amount of cars racing down the Nurburgring, accidents are bound to happen and it seems like the latest write-off incident involves a Honda Civic Type R. During a touristenfahrten session on Saturday, this second generation Type R was seen flipping onto its roof before sliding to a stop.

Fortunately, both occupants escaped the incident with minor injuries and this will serve as a reminder of what not to do in a lift-off oversteer situation. Also known as snap oversteer, lift-off oversteer occurs when a vehicle takes a corner with plenty of momentum. The driver then closes off the throttle which causes deceleration and shifts the vertical load on the tires from the rear to the front, inside tires are overwhelmed and results in what we see here.

It also doesn’t help to hit Nordschleife’s notoriously high curb whilst coming around the corner, causing the front right wheel to lift and further destabilize the vehicle.

According to the video description, the car was a write off and we can see why. The A-pillars were bent, which compromises the car’s structural integrity and makes it unsafe to drive. The towing truck probably added on to the body damage when it tried to reorient the car and load it onto the truck bed. At that point, it’s most likely more cost effective for the insurance company to write it off than to repair it.

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