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Honda Civic Type R vs. VW Golf R in Drag Race

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Civic Type R vs. VW Golf R -- Which hot hatch will win in an awesome drag race put together by Top Gear?

The Golf R is equipped with a DSG gearbox, which makes it the fastest car ever made by Volkswagen.

On the other hand, the Civic Type R is powered by a 310 horsepower 2-liter turbo engine, one of the most powerful the Japanese company makes.

The Golf R reaches 60 miles per hour in 4.6 seconds, and the Civic takes 5.3 seconds, according to Top Gear. By the time they get to the quarter-mile marker, the lead has been stretched to 0.7 of a second and several car lengths. So if this were a race organized by amateurs around town, it wouldn't even be close.
There is a price gap between the two. The Civic Type R is just under 30,000 pounds, while the Golf R 5-door with DSG cost about 3,000 more.

Watch the video to see which one wins. :D

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Looks lke the whole thing was won in that first second.

Golf a very very good car but still looks like a school teacher's grocery getter.
The Honda Type R lost at the get go but it lost in style. Looks so much better than the VW and it's cheaper. That 3k can be sued towards something else to make it go faster.

On a side note, Top Gear has really gone down hill and that race was pretty boring.
I kinda always felt, given it's numbers, that the Type R should be faster than it is... could it really just be the difference of having a manual over a quick shifting DSG? Because the Type R beats the Golf R in weight, power and torque... Granted, the Golf R also has the added benefit of AWD (i think?) which obviously puts the power down better than the FWD civic.

But still... considering that the current gen Si comes in roughly 100 horsepower less than the type R and mountains of torque less than, the actual 0-60 improvement between them is only a little over a second? (5.7 vs 6.5)

Take into account the Si costs roughly $6-7k less than the Type R and it seems like money wasted on just a mere second improvement. But maybe that's just me. I know the Type R is more about handling prowess than straight line speed though. (historically thats most hondas). A better test might be a road course with lots of twists and turns. Hopefully the 10th gen Type R follows the trend of other models thus far and boasts big improvements in performance.
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I'd love to import over one of those Type R's but the rules here won't allow one to be driven legally. I think you can have it registered just for off-road purposes, has to be some loop hole around. Fortunately we're getting a next generation model though. Down the road as this Type R comes close to what our import regulations allow, we should be seeing some interest for them.
In a drag race, I think having the manual shifter is a huge factor, especially since whoever is driving the manual is probably pretty good at it.
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