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Honda Crowd-Sourced The 2016 Civic Coupe Dream Track

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We’ve asked for it and they’ve built it. Honda started crowdsourcing a stunt track for the 2016 Civic on their Twitter page in April, asking fans to come up with outrageous track suggestion that could be added to their Dream Track and they’ve finally delivered.

Not everything was up in the air. Honda wanted the first stunt to be the destruction of a large piñata and they needed suggestions. There actually weren’t that many legitimate suggestions for this first stunt, it was actually between a “dinosaur filled with lots and lots of glitter” and a unicorn filled with glitter. Someone also made the obligatory “money” comment but Honda wouldn’t have picked it.

Following that was the formation of some giant bowling ball pins that Honda plans to plow through.

And then there’s the request for a mystery stunt. This was where the ideas got interesting. Someone suggested that Honda should do a barrel roll in the civic Coupe and more than one person wanted Honda to re-enact a scene from Fast and Furious, the one where Vin Diesel and his team were stealing cars off a moving train with the end shot showing one of the stolen cars being driven off a cliff.

Then there’s the Super Swerve. Honda wanted ideas on what they can swerves and dodge on track. No, it wasn’t the suggested pyramid of banana nor was it the oddly specific “carnival worker wearing white/pink striped uniform w/white hat wheeling old timey cotton candy or popcorn cart out onto track.”

Lastly, there was the draw challenge in which followers suggested what the Coupe could draw on the track. As much as we would all like for Honda to draw a bee-line to our driveways that just wasn’t going to happen.

And finally, Honda chose the best suggestions and came up with this work of art.

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