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Honda Dealership Reviews.

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Ive bought my 09 EX,12 EX,13 SI,16 EX-T Civics,1 14 CRV and 16 current Accord Sport from the same Dealership Smart Honda.All my purchase experiences were great.But their service dept is totally incapable of doing anything right.
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this is for dealership review...so, i'm chiming in for the dealership experience.

purchased from this dealership since 1988 (first honda - accord)..and they were a locally owned dealership. always great experiences thru the years.

Service department went above and beyond when the same neighborhood service writers were there and true mechanics. slowly, overtime, service became about making money as the sales profits were driven down due to pressure and more (cheaper) alternatives (Kia, Hyundai, Scion, Yugo, etc). Then, they were bought out by big conglomerate. Everything went downhill. they cleaned house. last few times i went in there for service and or parts, i didn't recoginze anyone in the Service dept, and the longtime parts mgr (been there over 20 yrs - was gone). no courtesy, no welcome feeling...so much now that i have since changed dealerships for items.

won't even go into the fiasco they created on my '08 Civic! i couldv'e owned their assess!!! MAJOR SCREW UP!

25 years ago....10 out of 10
10 years ago, 8
5 years, 6
now...don't go back.

Lee's Summit Honda
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