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Honda Raising Prices

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So I've heard that Honda is raising their prices in the UK after December 1st (so that already happened). Where else is this affecting and is the U.S. and Canada also affected?

Will stink to pay a higher price along with the low Canadian dollar.

Also found out that Honda Malaysia is hiking up their prices around 2.80% for their model lineup. Is this going to be the same everywhere?
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I think this is just inflation mostly. The Civic is new too which warrants a price increase, especially since its selling so well.
That means the following Civic models will also have an increased price. So a 2,3% (UK) average price increase from what Honda was going to originally sell them for. Guess I'll have to wait and see how much the Civic Coupe and Si cost later on and see if I'll stick with the Sedan Touring.
I will say that I don't think that the price increase is due to increased production or business costs. With gas prices so low, its not like there has been some increased cost of production that they are passing onto consumers.
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