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Honda Sensing - Road Departure Mitigation

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HI Guys,

Quick question. I don't have my Civic yet and forgot to try it during test drive, but was wondering:

When you press the Road Departure Mitigation button, and it lights up green, that means it's on. When you turn off the car with RDM on, and start the car back up again, will RDM still be on, or do you have to press the button again to activate it everytime you start up the car?

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It must stay off, because I turned mine off the day I took delivery, and it's still off
Ok, but if you have it on then turn the car off and turn the car back on, will RDM be on? Or do you have to press the button again to turn it on after turning the vehicle off?
As I said I turned it off the day I bought the car 2 weeks ago, I've used the car numerous times since then, and it's still off. So I assume to activate it you must turn it back on yourself
I understand. You turned it off and it stays off. But what I am asking is, if you turn RDM on, then turn the car off, will RDM automatically be on when you start up the car again? Or does RDM just default to off when you start up the car each time even though the last time you had the car on RDM was turned on?
I think it will stay in what ever position you leave it. It was on when I first got the car.
It will stay on if you leave it on. I have never turned it off. It is always on when I drive the car.
Mine was turned on at dealership and stayed on since then...cool features...shakes the steering wheel abit when you start to leave lane and than corrects your steering for you...orange light flashes on the gauge also....glad I got this feature.
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