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Honda sensing window

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Hello All. I am picking up my new Civic tomorrow after work. I will be installing a clear bra on the hood, fenders, mirrors, and front bumper. Today when I was at the dealership, I learned where the sensing sensor is located just to the inside of the driver's side fog light. The sensing "Window" is a quite large flat glass panel. My question to all of you is, if I cut to size a piece of the clear bra material and cover the sensing glass panel ( To protect it from damage ), will it affect the sensor's function? I hope one of you will be able to answer this. I am very surprised at the vulnerability of the sensor. I also saw a very small camera like sensor inside the car facing forward near the inside rear view mirror. Thank you for your replies.
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I am going to say that any material you place in front of the window is going to interfere with the sensor to some extent.
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I believe it will have interfere with it as well. Best bet to just leave that alone.
You know... Why not find out. Get used to how it functions then put a piece of the film on it. If it bothers it , remove it.
You know... Why not find out. Get used to how it functions then put a piece of the film on it. If it bothers it , remove it.
There's an idea.. Take one for the team and report on how it goes ;)
can I ask what you are using? Does it come in a roll, a kit? Also how much and where is it available at?
You can test it out on an empty neighborhood street but I won't be surprised if the sensor is affected to some extent.
Someone did it with a Tesla sensor but I'm not sure if the same will apply to Honda.

That's great to see and I think what might help if someone here wants to be extra safe is to reset the sensors software, that way it might recalibrate? If that's even possible. Just something to consider.
I always forget the fact that we're dealing with electronics. Re-calibration is "majority" of the time an option..
That is a pointless test. Radar is about time to travel and the film won't affect that. The much more important question is if, say, a 1ftx1ft reflector at whatever is the farthest distance it is detected without the film is still detected with the film--i.e., does the film attenuate the radar, not does it slow it down.
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