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I have did some googling on this and did not find clear answers.
Does Hondalink have a subscriptions like Onstar? I am not talking about SiriusXM. Things like remote start from phone app. Unlock doors from phone app. Things like that.
I saw where if there is a crash it will use the phone to call. It makes sense you have to have a cell single. Will it work if connected with Bluetooth or do you have to have USB?
What size of crash, Onstar I think is when airbag is deployed, what about Honda.

I did see some post that made it look like 2018 models may have it, could 2016 be upgraded someday? IOW, do 2016 have the right hardware/connections to do it?

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I wouldn't place too much faith in it during a crash.
Mine has trouble doing simple things when setting in the driveway.
Hopefully someone has the secret key to make it work on everyday things.
My faith is elsewhere, not in gadgets. :) But if it worked, it would be cool.

Using the https://hondalink.honda.com/#/compat...&model=Odyssey link and selecting different years and models, I think I see a pattern.

Basic - Complimentary
Link - Complimentary
Security -12 months complimentary- $89 / year after complimentary period
Remote - 3 months trial - $110 / year after trial
Concierge - 3 months trial - $260 / year after trial -*Includes Remote Package

I got the same results using 2016 Civic Sedan and my VIN#.
Looks like all we have is Basic and Link. The Security, Remote, and Concierge did not show up until 2018 Odyssey.

If I am looking at this correctly, Basic and Link packages do not have crash. I could swear I saw it described as if stars align correctly, phone has signal and such, that we had it.

Still confused. :confused:
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