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HondaPro Jason Civic Coupe Walkaround

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HondaPro Jason was invited to test drive and review the Honda Civic Coupe in sunny San Diego on a golf course His walk around video is not on Youtube so you’ll have to make your way to his Facebook page for the full 19 minute video that was streamed and recorded live yesterday.

What’s he most excited about?

That Civic Coupe rear end. He usually starts in the front but since the back was so well designed, he had to start there. The upper section of the rear fender was pushed in to give it that flaring fender look and the rear accessory spoiler is just that, an accessory. What could have been a line of LED lights going across the spoiler has been relocated to the trunk lid, connecting both the left and right taillights in one continuous line.

What we probably didn’t know about the 2016 Civic Coupe was that the initial sketch had the roofline strip running down the rear and off the C pillar, through the accessory wing and connecting underneath the licence plate. This would have placed the LED light strip on the spoiler instead of the trunk lid. Thanks to the engineering team’s critique of the initial drawing, the design was revised (because there wouldn’t have been much trunk space left). Now you’ll get both a large trunk (big enough for one HondaPro Jason) and a futuristic design.

The Interior is similar to the Sedan but the seats look like four pods even though the Coupe was designed as a five seater. That fifth seat in the rear looks like it was raised quite a bit to give the other two seats that feeling of separation, something akin to a “cockpit”.

If you have 19 minutes to spare, take a look at his video and there’s even a Q&A session near the end of his stream.
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Great content. Thanks for posting this for us. I'll have to take a look when I've got 20 minutes to spare.
Annoyed the Rallye Red coupe got ivory interior and sedans are stuck with black :-(
Just my 2 cents- I watched the video this morning, I think the production coupe looks much better than the auto-show version. Really like the rear end, might look even better w/o the accessory spoiler. Love the two-tone interior.

I was a little worried about the coupe until this video, looking forward to trading in my 13 Si sedan for a Si coupe. I'm an old guy (50!) and the manual tranny means "enthusiast car." Very light clutch, smooth shifting 6 speed. Even though I'm not into tradition for the sake of tradition - I just can't see an Si without the stick.

Thanks for posting the video.
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