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Since the release of the new Civic Type R, I'm willing to bet almost every single owner has been waiting for a solid, reliable, and inexpensive tuning solution. Well, the day has finally come! The FK8 Civic Type R FlashPro is out!

With 91 octane gas, the included base maps produce an amazing 33 hp / 39 lb-ft of torque. With 93 octane you will see 47 hp / 72 lb-ft of torque! Allows for full tuning, including boost, ignition, fuel, cam control (VTEC and VTC), torque tables, speed limiter, MAF values, etc. The torque tables are configurable by gear and driving mode (Comfort, Sport, R Mode) too! Great for hardcore users / tuners or Type R owners who just want to load a basemap and gain some power!

Product link for more info and to purchase: https://www.procivic.com/p/m/civic/h...-flashpro.html

LIMITED quantities at first, so don't wait to pick yours up if you really want one. Also, this special FlashPro REQUIRES A $250 ECU JAILBREAK SERVICE FROM HONDATA (see https://www.hondata.com/jailbreak for details).

Hondata Mobile (free with FlashPro) installed on the factory screen / navi:

Smaller Power Gain Example (91 Octane):

Larger Power Gain Example (93 Octane):
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