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Hood, Roof and Trunk decal idea

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Hood, Roof and Trunk 2-tone paint idea

So I'd like to make my car unique somehow and I'm thinking of making it 2 tones. I'm not sure if I should go with a dark grey color or carbon fiber? What's everyone's opinion on the panels that I'd like to customize and color ideas? Please excuse my terrible photoshopping... Thanks, pic attached.


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So you want to wrap the middle of the Civic one color and leave the sides another color?
I think dark grey would be better because that's a lot of carbon fiber if you're covering the middle. Maybe too much carbon fiber.

What's your base civic color?
Yup, thinking about wrapping the areas in grey on the picture, my base color is black. I think the area I have greyed out on the hood will help accentuate the lips on the hood on each side. I think you're right about the carbon fiber being too much.
Oooo! I'd love to see a navy blue/gold combo...or even classier would be a deep burgundy/white pearl combo!
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I think it will look best if the two colors you choose are close to one another. A ton of contrast would look clunky.
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Really not sure how that would look once it's finished. I usually see this kind of wrap on a light color base with a darker colour in the middle.

When you do wrap it, post a picture so we can see the finished product!
The two tone approach will create an illusion of shape and texture. That should luck cool.
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