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I just got an '18 EX hatchback in New Mexico and I am seriously loving it, but I noticed that the hood is always so warm when I park in my garage after a good cruise. I compared it to my 06 forester and there is a substantial difference!

My thought is that the turbo as well as the tightly packed engine is making it real hot. On our old 04 civic the hood paint was messed up and I don't want that happening again.

Anyway, I was thinking that either a well placed hood scoop or a new hood with existing scoops might help to reduce the heat and even boost the performance by a small margin.

What do you guys think? If you have done this have you noticed a difference??

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Hi there,
If you have 2 options and you consider both a hood and a hood scoop, I'd pick a new hood. Especially if you consider a carbon fiber option that does not require painting. To install a new functional hood scoop, you will need to cut the OE hood, have the hood scoop installed. Plus, you will have to pay for the paint job, as hood scoops usually come unpainted unless you order one from the dealer. A new hood is around $500-$600 and you can leave it unpainted if you like that carbon fiber look. Here are some options you may be interested in: 2018 Honda Civic custom hoods at CARiD. Also, you can always remove your aftermarket hood and install a stock one when you decide to sell your Civic one day.
Just sharing some ideas, hope this helps!
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