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How Many CTR's can AHM sell?

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John Mendel may of been overzealous when he quipped that they could sell thousands a month.


Two questions come to mind. One, is there space in the hot hatch market (yes, the WRX/STi are sedan-only) for 2000 more monthly sales from a new entry? Two, even with the Civic hatch originating in the UK, does the overall Civic family’s breadth and popularity potentially make 2000 monthly sales a small matter?

As always, it’ll come down to price. Subaru USA manages to sell more than 2000 WRXs and STis each month with base prices around $27,000 and $35,000. The GTI is only slightly more value-conscious than the WRX; the Golf R is slightly more dear than an entry-level STi. Honda will have the advantage of offering the newer, brighter, flashier thing, a thing we haven’t been able to own in North America before.

The very fact that American Honda wants to sell around 2000 Civic Type Rs per month suggests the price point may indeed be in the affordable realm, which could be some of the best news enthusiasts have received in quite some time.
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We all know that Type-R has a special price tag. Even the Integra Type R is so rare to find and even if you found one, the price tag is expensive as they hold their value well.

Out of the '97, '98, '00, and '01' ITR, only roughly about 3,850 ITRs. This is how Honda makes up their values on their cars... rare and resale value. The GSR will be like the SI where it will sells the most.

You'll see SI converting their silly cars to look like Type-R.

I'll be on the waiting list for a Type-R (The only way to get one like the time I had the Integra Type R).
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That's actually very true.
I remember the days when the 1996-2001 Honda and Acura's where on the used car market within the $20k or slightly lower range, you'd see Si's everywhere, Type R's lit your eyes up and also caught the wrong attention....from car thieves.
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