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How many miles on your 1.5 L turbo car? (and problems)

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That's the question, and what problems have occurred??

We have 170K K
I think the cam sprocket is making a rattle noise once in a while when cold, like the other Hioda engines.
Had a couple of recalls
Other than that has been a great car so far!
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123,000. I think I’m hearing a little whine as the turbo begins to kick in. Would that be a bearing of some kind?
Your Turbo should be fine at 120K.
AFAIK, as long as the wheels are not hitting the sides (either side) it's good.
Next, always allow your engine (turbo) to cool dwn B4 shutting off.
Without an EGT gauge, you can figure about 3 min from a hard pull or uphill climb.
Shutting right off cooks the oil inside and shortens the life of the turbo. (any turbo)
Now -I don't know this, but some cars have a small pump that runs for a minute. This pumps oil through it.
I have not ever read of one for a Honda or even heard it .
So I just monitor what I have been doing and take a guess as to the amount of cool down needed.
This action will make a turbo last forever .
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