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Just got the new ride and this is driving me nuts.

I have 2017 Civic Sedan EX-L with the grey leather interior. It has a "leather" steering wheel. I guess it's "real" leather but who knows?

Any ways my girl drove my ride and the next day I noticed an inch long scratch on the leather steering wheel. It's not a tear or very deep, but it's more than just a narrow straight line if you know what I mean.

It was caused by a little metal burr on her ring she was wearing on her right hand exactly where she would be gripping the wheel.

Do any forum members have any advice on fixing/repairing the scratch? Any help is appreciated.

BTW: Do any forum members know what material is really on the steering wheel? It seems to be "faux" leather or whatever. I don't think any cars have real leather in them any more. Heck, you got to pay a bunch extra just to get "real" leather on a 100k Benz nowadays.

Thanks for listening.

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Yes the vinyl repair kit will make it disappear, it comes with different color pastes and different texture overlays. Just match the color and fill the scratch with as little as possible, then match the grain with the same textured overlay, hold for appropriate time and your done.
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