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infotainment hacking

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it there any one knows that if it is possible to hack the 2016 civic android system and install a map apk onto the infotainment system. since the system comes with a gps location receiver, it supposed to use when i was in an emergency situation, so i think it would work if some one can hack into the system and make use of the hardware.

thanks in advanced
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Nobody has reported success yet, but don't let that stop you trying. Let us know how if works out.
hahah . the first thing is that does any one successfully installed any kind of apk into the system? if so what is that app and i think people who want to to hack the system can start the work from there. if no, what i can do with the apk installer on system?
Nobody has reported installing an APK.

Apparently only install Honda signed APKs.
do you know where i can see and download those signed apks?
No. And I think the real answer is that you can't. The exposed ability to "Install Apps" is, apparently, of no use.
honda is so bad
at least they should let us to download some apps.
otherwise the system seems useless
I don't think they want to be in the position of enabling drivers to play Candy Crush on the dash. Can't say as I blame them.

Whatever else it is, useless seems a stretch.
I'm sure no car maker wants to enable customers to do this or just about any brand that offers technology like it, much like smartphone companies. But just like how people were able to Jailbreak their iPhones, eventually we might see something similar happen to cars like this. Just a matter of someone actually making it available.
Not sure if this would work but it was suggested by someone a while back.

Yes, The civic appears to run on Linux pretty much android. I am researching hacks of the same sort and have found persons with success.
First look up HDMI connections from your android to your civic.
I have not purchased my civic yet, I am looking into how to get full access of my device via the civics built in touchscreen.
I want to avoid the civics proprietary systems and choose my android via the hondas screen. I am finding sucessfull
notes on HDMI connections between the car and your android look to be the way to get the services that are already running on your android rather than hondas version of navigation and entertainment.
You can already Bluetooth your android music and sounds from your android or iphone or other BT capable device to your honda sound system.
with your phone or tablet playing its own playlist and running your preferd navigation would come out the car speakers.

back to touchscreen control of your android, There is also MirrorCast.
If your handheld device is Mirrorcast capable, that lets you use the cars touchscreen to access the androids screen.
but mine is canadian version and it seems doesn't come with a HDMI port on board..
so if i want to use the MirrorCast, i think both my car system and my phone needs to connect to a same wifi network and it might work.. but how do i connect to a same network all the way along when i am on road?
how do i connect to a same network all the way along when i am on road?
One way is if your phone is running as a WiFi hotspot (access point).
but i don't think my phone can spread wifi signal and connect back to itself at the same time lol
but i don't think my phone can spread wifi signal and connect back to itself at the same time lol
Connect back to itself? I don't understand what you are saying.

Not all phones can do it. It's called Portable Hotspot or something similar. Basically your phone acts like a WiFi router to the phone's cellular data connection. The infotainment connects to the phone via WiFi. The phone connects to the 'net via your cell carrier.
i know this function on my phone, it basically using my phone to shoot out wifi signal and letting other device to connect the internet via my phone.
but my question is, if i want to use the mirror function, i need both my phone and my car connect to a same wifi hotspot, but the thing is , if my phone is shooting out wifi signal and it is not possible for my phone to connect its own wifi signal. i.e. it could not spread and receive one wifi signal at the same time. i don't know if it make sense to you
You can't "mirror" (if by "mirror" you mean Android Auto or CarPlay) over WiFi.

I think you are raising the issue of the two WiFi devices connecting to each other as peers when WiFi wasn't designed for that. (Probably one reason AA and CP are currently "wired only" solutions.) There are technologies for this--"WiFiDirect" is one name for this--but I don't think they are employed here.
Anyone see that thread on XDA where people said they were able to hack it by renaming the APKs to HondaAppCenter_A1.apk? It didn't work for me. I don't know if my car has an update because its only 5 days old.
oh wow, so what the original apk is? then i rename the file and install it
Google that file name and you'll find more info. It definitely works on the 9th civic but I could swear the XDA thread said 10th gen. They do mention checking allow unknown sources which is something that doesn't appear in our settings. I'm a programmer and the guy who first hacked the Pioneer AppRadio. I just can't think of any entrance point to get into this thing.

Here are some awesome links. Looks like the 2015s have no problem: http://forum.xda-developers.com/general/security/honda-connect-android-t3179549/page20

Edit: There may be hope!

(2016 USA Honda Civic w/Display Audio / Mitsubishi Electric / Android 4.2.2)
I was able to get the Install option to light up, by doing the following:
Downloaded Aha APK from here: https: //apkpure.com/aha/com.aha.android.app?hl=en
Renamed it to com.aha.android.app.apk
Copied it to USB, inserted flash drive into USB below radio (not in armrest).
I did not tap install because I didn't know how long it might take, and I needed to get back to work. I might try later.
I also tried renaming another APK (Google Maps) file name to com.aha.android.app.apk and doing so did not light up the Install option. So for this model, the Whitelist app/service is definitely using the internal package name and not the file name to validate.
I am wondering if there is a whitelisted package name that is not in use so I can install a modified APK.

Or if there is some way to uninstall Aha and use that because I really don't care about Aha at all.
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I have changed the apk name but that still not working... Whatever change to the original aha apk the install light will not lit up... Still trying couple things... Let me know if you have anything interesting too
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