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Injen just recently released an intercooler for all 1.5T turbo 2016+ Civics (coupe, sedan, and hatchback). From what we can tell, the results are amazing. Injen managed to develop a drop-in (bolt-on) intercooler that is TWICE as large the factory one, and reduces air temps by up to 24 degrees F!

We know that colder air gives more power in general due to the air being denser and containing more combustible oxygen per unit volume, but there is an added benefit on these 10th Gen turbo Civics: the colder air will cause the factory ECU to advance timing rather than retard it. The 2016+ turbo Civics all use a complicated dynamic (algorithmic) timing control, and variables such as engine coolant temperature, intake temperature, fuel quality, and other factors all can cause the ECU to decrease or increase timing, which can have a huge effect on power!

Key Features:

  • Drop-in (bolt-on) intercooler upgrade that results in up to 24 degrees F cooler air temps going into the engine.
  • Power gains of up to 16 hp and 19 lb-ft of torque.
  • Retains boost pressure to within 0.5 PSI across the core.
  • Core size dimensions: 21.06" x 5.75" x 5.28" (twice as large as stock).
  • Constructed with cast end tanks and precision CNC-machined aluminum flanges.
  • TIG-welded and has a slick silver finish.

For more product info and to purchase: https://www.procivic.com/pages-produ...067/index.html

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