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Interior under dash/console illumination install

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Ordered and installed Honda console light kit along with the foot lights.

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That light strip looks awesome! Thanks for the great installation guide.

Love these YouTube videos. Such great resources to learn how to do stuff yourself.

I reposted the video so that it would embed into the forum.

I have that console blue light. Dealer already had it installed when I bought it...Dealer put a bunch of add ons..Which I had to negotiate down the price..which was a pain in the ass
Yea, I've heard of dealers doing unnecessary things like that to increase a vehicle's price and they won't remove the accessories either so buyers are stuck with them.

Looks like a lot of disassembling for me, anyone plan to install the light strip in their civic?

I just tried this same install (along with the light up door sills and Qi charging pad) and I can't get the lights to work. The door sills and Qi pad work perfectly, but they both connect directly to the fuse box.

The AC controls work fine, along with the button for the brake hold and econ. The other power connections work too, like the 12 volt DC and the usb ports.

Also, I noticed my other console lights are not working (the ones that shine into the trays). I did the work with my battery disconnected, and have checked every fuse in my in cabin fuse box, but cannot find the problem.

Any suggestions about what to try next?

PS. I have a 2017 civic hatch sport.

Thanks for your help in advance!
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1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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