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Hi anyone know how to get my EXL 1.5t over 200 hp
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We can tune these 1.5T to produce over 200 HP when Flash Pro is released.
Until you reprogram your computer (re-flash your ECU) any engine mods you make to your car will not improve performance. The only case where this would work is if a piece of OEM equipment could not meet the demand of the ECU, but the opposite is true of this engine, it exceeds the demand of the ECU. So a re-flash will increase the demand and increase the performance. From what we are being told the limit of the re-flashed stock engine will be over 200hp, add aftermarket parts at this point and who knows how far you can push the HP? As a side note some mods will cause a slight performance increase, if you can improve the "quality" of things the ECU demands like colder air(cold air intake) with better mixing with fuel(plenum spacing n/a with direct injection), better spark(upgraded ignition/spark plugs), less restrictive plumbing down stream of sensors, slower more controlled and complete detonation of fuel(higher octane fuel). These gains will be so small in today's engines that it's not worth the up front cost. There are other ways to increase your HP to the wheels by reducing parasitic drain(reduce the weight of any rotating equipment) but this too is expensive.
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Not going to get anything over 200hp until you do an ecu tune. Simplified answer.

Installing a cold air intake and exhaust won't yield you any benefits really because the ecu will correct itself for the changes in afr.

Installing them and then tuning, you can yield all of the benefits and more.

Without the tune, the most you'll get is a nicer sound and reduce some weight.
KTuner just released their tuning package........
I'll stick with flash Pro.
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