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iPhone mount ideas high on the dash?

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On my previous car, I was using a phone mount that you stuck into the CD slot. This worked well because the CD slot was high up on the dash, and... well... the CD player had been broken for 8 years.

In the 2016 Civic, none of this applies. I'm not a big fan of the vent mounts because I've seen it break on other cars.

Has anyone come up with a good suggestion on how to mount an iPhone phone high up on the dash to make it easy to see waze?
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Do you really think Waze is much better than Maps, which is right there on Apple Play? Why specifically?
That was my thought.... provided he is planning on a EX trim or higher... Apple Carplay should remove the need for a separate mount. Tuck it down below and mirror it up onto the 7" display.
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I'm getting the EX-L trim.

Waze is 1000x better than Apple Maps because I live in Silicon Valley, where everyone uses Waze so the real time traffic data is highly updated. (Contrast this to my last trip to NY where very few people were using Waze so the traffic data is stale/non-existent.)

Waze has totally saved me from getting caught up in massive accident related traffic jams, and more. But again, unless there's a high concentration of people using it, it's not going to be useful.

When it regularly takes 2+ hours to drive 50 miles - you need every advantage you can get!
Lots of requests for Waze on Carplay......


I have used the vent route on my Accord from ProClipUSA without issue. It all depends on the manufacturer and what they come up with for the 10th Gen.
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I don't see Waze coming out for Carplay anytime soon - not because of Waze, but because of Apple. But that's just my Silicon Valley gut feel.
If your going to attach something I can recommend this mount


I own two and they work great. Only downside is that you either have to attach a thin metal plate to back of your device or slide it into your phone case if it fits.

Look is nice and clean and real simple to remove attach phone....good luck

Maybe Waze will show up on Android Auto...doesn't Google own them now

imo Waze is hands down better than any in car navigation system. It also trumps google and mapquest as well.

I have used Waze in the NY Metro area several times and I see lots of people using Waze.
Yes, car play disables your phone's screen. I guess you aren't using that. Bluetooth then?
I don't see Waze coming out for Carplay anytime soon - not because of Waze, but because of Apple. But that's just my Silicon Valley gut feel.
Apple does seem really keen to control the UI especially on Carplay enabled Apps. So the Waze Carplay UI would need it to require very little intervention with the screen to gain approval...... likely much different than it is today.

I favored the ProClip mount on my Prius, drop the phone in the mount and it connects to usb lightning plug.

No fumbling around for cables.
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