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itsBECKERZ' '16 Rallye Red Coupe

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Hello All! Just got my '16 Rallye Red EX-T Coupe a few days ago! No pictures yet, since it's mostly stock. I'm in South Pennsylvania!

I traded in my 2008 Scion TC (thread here: http://www.yoursciontc.com/forums/95-member-pics/65311-beckerz-brm-2008-tc.html)

Onwards and upwards! Onto the Civic!

Already completed:
5000K HID Low Beams (from my last car)
2500k Yellow Hallogen Fog Lights
LED Internal Lights (from my last car)
Chrome (Stealth) Amber Bulbs for the front turn signals (from my last car)
Debadged Civic Logo
Injen Cold Air Intake - Installed as RAM Air
Rubber trunk mat
EZ Lip Front Lip

Purchased, Not Installed:
Chrome (Stealth) Amber Bulbs for the rear turn signals
Cargo net for trunk

Coming soon:
WeatherTech Floor mats
Clear side markers

Red JDM Honda Badge


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Hey welcome to the forums and congratulations on your purchase. That tC looked real nice too man.

What was the reasoning behind doing the switch over ?
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Those pictures were probably from 2 years ago. It was getting older, the steering column was having issues (it wouldn't lock), it needed tons of maintenance, and a truck backed into my which put a nice hole in the bumper. Oh, and the value of the car had dropped significantly. Plus, Turbo + New Car + android auto + NEW CAR. :)

It was completely stock under the hood, just tons of cosmetics. Hood, spoiler, fogs, grills, leds, HIDs, interior lighting, painted dash, niteshaded mirror signals, hella supertones, aftermarket taillights, etc..

I do miss her, not gonna lie :[
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Welcome... Car looks sweet any issues with intake just ordered one any info would be greatly

I'm not sure if it's my browser but I can't see the pictures of the EZ lip :( and I really want to see it ! Argh !
@itsBECKERZ your pictures seems to be missing. Can you please embed them here again? Would be great to see those mods on your new civic.
I'm not sure if it's my browser but I can't see the pictures of the EZ lip :( and I really want to see it ! Argh !
I tried on Firefox and Chrome without any luck. Might just be the serve from where it's hosted.

Upload to imgur and post the URL's here.
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