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Product Recomendation: XPEL Headlight Protection Kit - 2017 Civic Si Coupe

Most of the driving I do involves 6 hour long commutes on the highway. I am BENT on protecting as much of this car as is possible, from stone chips, gravel rash, and whatever unwanted crap semis and other vehicles throw at it.

I've installed XPEL's Headlight Protection Kit on my '17 Si (Canadian) Coupe. The parts in the kit come pre-cut to fit the headlight lenses. The material is very thick, seems plenty durable and has already saved my headlights from hideous bug guts and chips.

What impressed me about this kit is, it includes several additional small pieces in an effort to cover as much of the protruding and oddly shaped surface areas of the lenses. The attached photo has blue arrows pointing to the additional small pieces that are included. The upper left-most piece covers all along the top of that triple zig-zag section. There's even minuscule pieces for the tiny top and face surface of the small jut-out at the bottom (lower right in photo.) You have to be very careful when removing the parts from the bag they come in as it would be easy to lose or accidentally throw away those small pieces! (Don't ask me how I know this.)

Installation was straightforward, and as explained in the installation instructions, I did have some fogginess in certain areas from trapped moisture when the job was done. It does take a few weeks or more to dissipate, but eventually goes away. Resist the temptation to mess with it. My only comment on those smaller parts is that the radiuses on the corners could have been a bit tighter, i.e., closer to the shape of the actual surfaces they are covering.

I have not found any detrimental effects to night time driving with this vinyl installed. As well, so far, without any additional protectants or coating applied to the vinyl, I found it easier than expected to remove dried on bug slime.

IMO the cost of the kit was fair enough and I ordered directly from XPEL.

Hope this helps someone thinking about adding this type of headlight protection!


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