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Just a quick hello, with photo of car to be replaced by Civic!

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Hello all, checked and realized I never made a formal hello post. I'm a mod over on the HR-V forum and now here too. I have owned a couple of Hondas now and many other vehicles in the past, but now that I've hit Honda I think one of my cars will always be a Honda as they have been great for me and my wife is a huge fan now.

I'm looking to get an Si most likely, but if for some reason that does not work out then an EX-T would be my next choice. I currently drive a Fiat Abarth and love it but as the end of my lease nears the cars value is just not there and I'd be silly to purchase it for my payoff amount. I got a great deal at purchase too and still the value stinks. Honda does not have this issue! Still happy I owned it and love the little thing, and so far I'm ticket free in it as I assume cops think the radar gun has to be wrong when they see that tiny car zoom past! :D Or the money I spent on a radar detector was a good idea....

Photo of my current ride in red, HR-V in the background.


I also enjoy detailing cars, and am a basic mechanic in that I can change my brakes, and understand all the engine parts and had I enough time and tools I could get the engine out eventually. I never have that time so I only do basics. Kinda a huge tech geek too. Ah well, I'm rambling, see you all in the forums!
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I have heard not very nice things about the quality of Fiat 500s. Have you experienced many difficulties with your's? Honda, on the other hand, should be a super reliable vehicle for you.

And welcome to the forum!!!
I'm thinking Sedan at this point, but will wait and see the final Si product before making my decision as I can get either really with no issue. Not like space will be an issue coming from my Fiat lol!

I have had no real problems at all from my Fiat, which was by far my biggest worry and fear when getting it. I went day of purchase to buy an Si but when I went the the dealer they did not have it. Literally called at closing time and made appointment showed up at opening time and they did not have it. Drove from there to Fiat and purchased my second choice! My car has had two problems total, my right front TPMS sensor went out and I had a rattle in my drivers door that was a loose power window motor regulator. That's it. Not a single problem other than those two little things, never even went back to the dealer for two years after the purchase.

Very happy with it other than the poor resale value. Honda does not have that issue for sure!
For sure the Honda value should hold steady, especially cause Honda doesn't deal with Fleet sales. Lets mod this place together, show a nooby (me) what to do haha.
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