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Just joined the Civic world!

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I've had a blast over the past 24 hours cruising around in my brand new 2016 Crystal Black Pearl Civic EX. I'm brand new to Honda and was wondering if anybody had any good tips/tricks with really customizing the whole center user interface? The real sell point for me was the sheer technological aspect and clean sleekness of the interior.

I really just need to sit in it for an hour or so and play around with it (I've done quite a bit of that already :]) but just wondering if anybody had any recommendations as far as different color scheme, layouts, wallpaper etc.? Tips for working with Apple CarPlay?

Thanks a bunch and I really look forward to reading up on everything everybody has to offer! :):)
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No pics no care. ;)

I think everyone's still trying to figure it out. It's a new Civic, afterall.
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Ha - I do certainly feel like I'm the new kid on the block with this thing!
I believe they call it Civic nation. :p

Civic Nation it is!
Thanks! I'll get pics up when the windows get tinted this week.
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