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Led headlights

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Hello , I need help please , I have a civic lx 2016 and I would like to order a LED kit headlight kit, but I do not know where and what kit to choose , I live in Canada
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Are you looking for like LED headlight bulbs for your lowbeams/highbeams, or full complete headlight assemblies with LED strips and accessories ?
hi, looking for lowbeams led bulbs
I believe it would be using H11 bulbs, maybe check out CariD and see if they have LEDs that fit H11 perhaps ? I'm sure they would have as there is now virtually an LED replacement for every possible bulb these days.. let me know what you find !
I believe that should work, and ideally they're canbus styled so they should provide an error-free setup.
there is a website for everything lights HID leds and etc but little expensive http://www.xenondepot.com/
Hi CY7, thanks but the price is too expensive on this site
I ordered this kit


I get it tomorrow , I'll post pictures , thank you again
Can't wait to see how they turn out, post before and after pics !! :D
I just install , 5 minutes, but I did not take pictures before , tonight I will take to see results
I just install , 5 minutes, but I did not take pictures before , tonight I will take to see results
Nice ! Sounds like they're easy access bulbs, can't wait to see the pictures though, would love to see the projector cut-off lines
very easy to access, no need to disassemble anything

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83$ here in Canada but US cost only 60$, plus free shipping ;)
That is actually extremely easy to access, nice ! Thanks for the link too, now I can't wait to see the light output on these !
Here is the result in darkness , very very powerful, but my only complaint is the sound that the fan occur, we hear in the car when we stop , watch video
sorry for quality pictures, not obvious in the dark to take beautiful pictures

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Those look really intense, the light output is a lot more than I expected. Those could be easily confused for HIDs in my opinion. That fan does sound really loud though, when the car is idling, can you still hear it on the inside cabin ?
when the car is stop you hear the sound of the fan in the cabin very well , but when the lights are off you hear nothing,
when I drive I do not hear the sound of the fan, just when the car stopped I heard
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