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LED help!

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Just swapped out dome, map, and trunk with sylvania 194 LEDs. When driving, the LED stays on very very faint. When the car is off the LED is off. Anyone know why?
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i know some years ago, people were having this issue...and they found a fix (not one that most would tackle). i thought today's cars and bulbs would have fixed that by now. mine do not stay lit at all. when they are off, they are completely off - no dimly lit bulb, but i didn't use sylvania bulbs.
i used phillips vision LED's - everywhere i could. 12 yr warranty was a plus
yes, that was the work around, sort of back when. some would just go get a light socket from your local auto parts store, tap it in under the dash and it was out of site..and solved the dimly lit LED's you are/were experiencing.

only lit up when the door opened...and off when it closed.
1 - 3 of 9 Posts
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