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2020 Honda Civic Sport 4 Door Sedan 2.0L
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Hi, my name is Gordon. I just joined this group yesterday. I recently purchased a 10th Gen 2020 Civic Sport 4 Door Sedan 2.0L about a month ago. It had 5500 miles on it. I purchased it at a local Carmax dealer. The car was located in New Hampshire, and It was the exact car I was looking for, so I had it transferred to my local Carmax and bought the car. I absolutely love the car Carmax on the other hand not so much. The car was absolutely filthy on delivery day on the back of the car they did not even remove the glue that was left from behind when the original selling dealer emblem was peeled off. I bought the car home and gave it a proper detail job including the interior and engine compartment. Then the quality control with the vehicle inspection was crap. The day after I brought it home, I had an early Dr's appointment to go to. I get in the car to leave, and the car won't start. The battery was dead. I jump started the car with my 2000 Civic and through the jumper cables in the trunk just in case it wouldn't start again at the Dr's office. As my luck would have it yep you guessed it the car wouldn't start again. I called Carmax to see what they would do for me since I just picked up the car the day before and not even having it in my possession for 24hrs. They said they could send a tow truck to come get it from the Dr's office and bring it to an affiliate repair shop because they don't have their own service technicians. I told them forget the tow truck and asked about the battery. At least they told me that if I bought the battery to be tested and purchase another battery, they would re-imburse me for the battery. I managed to get someone to help me jump start my car with the use of their car. I thought about it on the way home and thought well maybe I killed the battery while playing the radio while detailing the car the previous day. I figured I better try to at least recharge the battery and see if it will come back around. In the meantime, I removed the battery from my 2000 Civic and installed it into the new car. I just purchased this battery late this past summer practically brand new. I figured if the original Honda battery out of 10th gen took a charge, I would just put it back into the 2000 Civic instead. After letting it trickle charge overnight, I put it back in the 2000 Civic but it won't even turn over just buzzes and clicks. I measured the voltage the battery had after being on the charger. Only 9.5 Volts. Dead as a door nail. Thank God I know how to fix my own stuff and do not have to rely on tow trucks, service departments or anyone else for that matter. It's an absolute nightmare trying to get anything done these days. Then again, I am a very self-sufficient person and don't rely on other people for anything. I don't have time to wait around for someone else. If it's broke, I will fix it or replace it myself no matter what it is. If I end up breaking something I am good with that because I just chalk it up to a learning experience and move on from it even if it is an expensive Opps. It's education and education isn't cheap. Just ask any college graduate who is feed a bunch of B.S. about being able to make a six-figure paycheck fresh out of college. Reality is that is the exception rather than the norm. Most end up finding a career out of the field they got the degree in. Then the degree is worth as much as the paper it's printed on or wipe your ass with. All they get out of that liberal arts degree is a pile of school loans that seem like they never get paid off. Some may end up with a nice paying job eventually, but everyone has to earn their dues in life. Nobody owes you anything. You want something in this world work your ass off for it and earn it.
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