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let's get this party started

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Hi guys!

First of all I am looking for a Honda Civic Si so doing the requisite research first as always. I have only driven trucks for many years. Currently have a 2006 dodge ram 2500 diesel that I have enhanced considerably. Probably the grossest understatement I could possibly make... Keeping the truck as I love it first, and second it tows my boat and fifth wheel just awesome. Plus twin Garrett water cooled ball bearing turbos etc etc... Such a beautiful sound hearing twin Garretts spooling up.

However, I have been looking at the Honda Civic Si and it just grabbed me and will not let go. Wondering is it possible to go up to Canada and get a car there so I can have the extra goodies that are denied to the US buyers?

Great site here; looking forward to getting my Honda Civic Si someday and interfacing with the community long term as well.


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You could buy the car in Canada but it might not be worth it as the states will tax you heavily when you go to register it. Plus they could argue that it is not DOT compliant for use on public roads etc etc. I don't know all the details but it might be tricky.
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