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Loud Popping noises from speakers

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Have owned my 2016 Civic touring since end of March. After about a month, one day got in turned it on and heard a loud bang/pop noise. It came from speakers and there was no audio, from any source. Later after car was off and turned back on it was fine. Spoke to dealer who suggested a possible software update. Did that and a few days later it was back. The problem is intermittent and is at a start up. So it either works or doesn't. Heard of others having the same problem and they got a new amp installed (from Honda). Honda will not recognize that my problem is the same as others until they experience it themselves. I am frustrated and need to know if anyone else having the problem? Anyone in New Jersey/Pennsylvania? Also have the rattling from back speakers/sub woofer?
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There have been several threads on this on the other Civic X forum. Turning off DTE Neural processing has been a workaround for some.
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