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Love my civic but...

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First of all I do love my civic exl but have had some small issues to contend with. First was the tpms that kept coming on even though it had 36 lbs in all tires. Second was the radio that wiped out all presets for no reason. Third was the window on drivers side was slow to roll up then just quit. Fourth was when cleaning I noticed when assembled they did not snap the rear of the center console all the way together. 1inch gap. Now the stitching on the steering wheel is coming undone. Should I take it back or just try to fix it? Hate to try and run into more issues and them say well u tried to fix it and nothing we can do now. What's your thoughts?
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#1 did you reset it per OM? It doesn't sense absolute pressure, no wheel sensors installed.
#2 probably a software issue dealer can do nothing about. Call Honda In-Car Technology Support: (888) 528-7876. They'll tell you to go to the dealer. And log the call.
#3,4,5 Warranty issue. See the dealer.
Honda has been great on all the repairs. I called about the steering wheel and they said they will get pics and probably just order a new one for replacement. My dealers service has been top notch so far.
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Now that's fast. Stopped on the way home and they took pics. Said they will have a new wheel in a week. Happy customer here.
That's great. Glad to see Honda is standing behind their product.
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