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Loving our new loaded Hona Civic Touring!

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My wife & I have both owned & built civic's earlier in our lives. But this one is our first one together & we love it! I've built too many old VW's to count, Subaru's, BMW's & Mitsubishi's mostly. We were between the new VW GTI, Subaru Crosstrek and the 10th Gen Civic. Test drove them all & fell in love with our civic. I am a photographer and I drive for Lyft, so working out of the car mostly, it was very important to me to have something very comfortable yet sporty. Our civic actually feels great on my back, where as my 2014 Mini Cooper & Countryman were both horrible on my back. Anyways, just wanted to say hi to everyone & we look forward to being apart of the new 10thGen Civic Forum. Our baby is stock at the moment but I do have our D2 lowering springs, AEM CAI & exhaust on the way so I'll start a new post soon with lots of photos.
*peace, love & namaste*
-Tea & Ash???

p.s. Excuse my 'xöphx' euro plate. It came off my BMW 7-Series build. We have new front & rear euro plates coming for the civic. They are carbon fiber with white lettering & read 'däpper'... The name of our Civic.

Also the roof & rear duckbill wing are being wrapped in carbon. Thinking about possibly wrapping the chrome door handles, chrome trim, grill & mirrors as well.


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Welcome and congrats!
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