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Lowering springs for 2016

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Does anyone know where to find lowering springs for the 2016 civic? I have a 2016 Ex-t and want to lower it a bit, haven't had any luck finding much about it. H&R claimed back in December they would be out in 2 months and I can't find them yet.
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They were supposed to come out with a set months back but there's nothing, no mention of it on their website or Facebook page.
Have you tried to contact them Via Email or Private Message on Facebook? Through that they might provide a timeline.

But so far there's nothing else on the market yet, still waiting.
I'll probably end up contacting them. I mean I can always go the route of finding comparable springs to use and cut them or take it in and have it done but that's work when I could just buy the right set haha.
We haven't heard much from H&R and people may be giving up on them, also haven't heard from other companies about lowering springs but Megan Racing may have a coilover damper kit for the Civic sedan.
Tanabe is another popular brand that is good with bringing products to market in good timing, but they might not be as highly viewed as H&R and other brands are. Still a good option to those that want a slight drop for cheap.
There is a release coming out for coils and springs, D2 I believe
I'm banking on Eibach to drop the pro-lines soon. I'm actually surprised they haven't released anything yet
K Sport is a good cheaper brand to get into, for those looking for cheap coil overs. They might be one of those brands that come to market with a set sooner than the majority.
Yes they do.
A buddy of mine sent me this pic i'm thinking about ordering it.


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