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LX Speaker upgrades/ Stereo upgrades?

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Wanted the LX because it comes in stick. Love the car! But, it definitely lacks in the sound system. Any suggestions on replacement stereo/interface and replacement speakers for the (2 speaker) doors and the (2 speaker) rear deck? I cant seem to find any options that match the 6.7" speaker diameter. If any one has any how to videos on the subject for the 2016 (which I cant find) please throw them up!

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I have the LX and want to upgrade the sound also. I am thinking maybe you can just buy 6.5" speakers and use adapter rings
you're right, the entire audio system in the LX is horrible.. the radio itself has no power and what they call "speakers" are a joke.
So far I've replaced the front speakers with a set of Kicker separates (6.5 & tweeter).. way better sound but the radio is so under powered it has to go. I have a good friend who's a professional installer and he says he can install a new radio and maintain the backup cam, steering wheel controls and everything..

Here's a pic of the tweeters. *just cut a small hole in the factory sail panel and I think they look good..


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Your friend did a very good job with the installation, looks like something that was factory installed. Do you plan to replace the two rear speakers too?
Even with the tweeters exposed like that it looks great although I always liked them with the cover typically seen on cars with high performing speakers from the factory.
Those tweeters do look like a ridiculously clean install. Like they were meant to be there. Considering those look darn good, it would be a shame to hide them behind some sort of grill.
unless it was some sort of fabric cover like what some tweeters have then it would be good, just not a grille. rather have the tweeters fully exposed than with a grille. sometimes those grilles can make it look tacky.
You mean something like these .... ;) Honestly, soundstream does have some good quality stuff, I just think the grills are kind of funny

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Definitely not a fan of those and they are exactly what i'm talking about.
What I rather see is the sort of cover you see on cars that come right from the factory. It might help to look at cars from higher end car makers, the luxury car makers.
Definitely, something with a regular colour matched surround, a cloth cover, and possibly even the manufacturer (of the audio) name in small letters on it. Clean, oem looking, classy.
I also have an LX. Besides wanting the 6M (mandatory!), I don't need (or want) most of the extra crap (except I immediately had to get some Enkei GT7 wheels). I like the user interface on the stock radio (knobs and buttons), and it is loud enough for me. The BT works perfectly with my Samsung S3. I am not happy about the USB MP3 implementation, but learned to live with it through various workarounds, such as sorting the USB file system, and providing a separate file for the entire album of some, to provide gapless play (concerts, etc).
However, some improvements in speakers would be nice.

- Does the LX have wiring for the tweeters? (I assume "yes" because no one had talked about wiring them up)?
- Does replacing the door / rear deck speakers really help much? (I don't need to handle any more power than stock).

I think I will also stick a sub-woofer (with some kind of amp.) on the rear deck, to fill in the bass.

Thanks in advance for answers to two above questions, and other comments.

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I have the LX and want to upgrade the sound also. I am thinking maybe you can just buy 6.5" speakers and use adapter rings
I have the LX and want to upgrade the sound also. I am thinking maybe you can just buy 6.5" speakers and use adapter rings
I replaced my front door speakers with 6.5's and they fit/sound beautiful. I wouldn't worry too much about trying to find 6.75 speakers
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