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This thread is Copy/Pasted from my post over on 10thcivicforum.com for those who arent on that forum!

So I bit the bullet and got a sedan exhaust to test the fitment on the EX/LX hatches.

I purchased the Magnaflow system assuming it would fit after checking the blueprints from Honda. There were only 2 fitment issues I ran into.

1. the hanger toward the front of the car. the sedan one is perpendicular to the car where the hatch is parallel. SO to get it on there I removed the small rectangular plate near the front pipe/exhaust flange to allow myself some more room to contort things. once I twisted the rubber hanger around the new exhaust I was good to go.

2. The hatchback bumper has a more exaggerated angle so the tips stick out pretty far (whether it looks good or bad I'm not sure yet). the only thing to prevent this would be to chop the tips and get new shorter ones put on or just chop the tips. They do sit about a 1MM away from the bumper but after 400 miles of driving I don't see any signs of contact or burning on the bumper.

So overall I would say sedan exhaust fitment on the hatch is 75%

I have a video of the first startup with the exhaust on (With the CNT Racing catless DP)

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