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Maintaining warranty with your own oil changes.

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In everyone's opinion, what is the best way to show proof of maintenance when it comes to oil changes you do yourself.

I plan to use OEM filters, BTW what is the part number?
In addition do you think the plug washer is needed for every change, and finally what brand oil would you use? I know the manual calls for 0W-20 but I don't want to hear Honda say anything should an issue ever come up, though I don't think I'll ever have one about the brand I use.
I use Mobil 5000 in my Pilot.

thanks in advance for any help or opinions you guys may offer.
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I don't change the plug washer every oil change, but I inspect it and change if needed. I use 100% synthetic (Amsoil but I don't think brand is important), and a cotton batting filter...not the pleated paper type. As for proof of maintenance, if you change oil and filter regularly, you'll never have to "prove" it to anyone because you won't have an issue.
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I post my oil changes on the Honda Owner's web page and I also record the changes in the Service History book that came with the car. I staple the receipts for the oil and filter (Mobil1 for both) and any other stuff like the Techron I put in the gas tank on every oil change to the page in the book. I use non-TopTier gas, so it's just insurance. I am changing the oil & filter when the MM calls for it after 15%. I change the crush washer every time because my salesman gave me a Baker's Dozen when I took possession of the car. In the past, I have flipped the washer over to reuse it if I neglected to have one on hand. That was a '97 EX that we had for 16 years with no leaks, or engine problems.
This is why I love hondas...got to love easy maitence. Been using amsoil for years. I useless just chanhe the washer every time just to be on the safe side
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