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Morning folks, I have a 2016 Touring sedan, At 14xxx km I brought it into the dealer for its first oil change as well as a complaint the rear brakes where dragging first thing in the morning - the technician said its normal due to being in the winter. So I let it be, fast forward a year later and 3 oil changes sense.
Last week brought it in for its 4th oil change at 54xxx km and the dealer advised me the B 9 service was due, they looked at my brakes and said rears where finished and needed to be replaced and because on the first oil change at 14xxx when the maintenance minder came up with B9 it was ignored and reset - I did not decline the service as I was not aware of it.
Dealer that did oil change at 54xxx km did a scan as per Honda Canada and it shows the maintenance minder was reset for B9 at 14xxx km. So I called the first oil change dealer who looked at the brakes and brought the car to them, they did the same scan and the mileage its completely different then what I got the week before by over 600km on 2 items and 20000 km on another.
I have printed pages from both dealers, why the discrepancy from the maintenance minder??
Before anybody comments yes its the exact same maintenance numbers but with different mileage
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