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may I gush a little?

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Just got a 2018 Rally Red Si coupe, and could not be happier. Well, if it had the gloss black wheels I would be a little happier. And if it had another 25hp or so...

Seriously, this car exceeded my expectations. Really a fun drive. Finally got the 600 mile break-in done, and threw it into some corners hard, and man, it just stuck to the road, really impressed me.

About 5 years ago I was looking for a fun car, and drove an Si, and liked it, but ended up with a 2008 Miata. It was a very nice car, and fun to drive. Mazda did a lot if things right with that car. Then my brother decided to sell his 2003 S2000, so I bought it and sold the Miata. The S2000 was just too uncomfortable for me, and I can't take the heat well, so sold it in June.

Thought I could wait a while, but then started test driving some cars. Drove a Camero, a Mustang, and a GTI, all with auto transmissions. Thought I had found my car with the GTI, though the one I test drove was not taken care of, so I would have had to find another. Checked Consumer Reports, and they have the GTI on their "worst of the worst" list for reliability, and on top of that, some pretty negative reviews of the VW dealers in my area.

Up to this point, I had been focusing on 0-60, and 1/4 mile times, and the Si just was not keeping up with these others, so it was not even on my list. Drove a 370Z with auto, and it was OK. Then decided to check out the Si again. Not easy to find a 10th gen here. One dealer had a white and a black 2018 coupe, and there was a used 2017 coupe. I drove the 2017 (and a 2017 WRX), and I loved it. Got out of it, and wondered why I had thought I wanted a auto transmission! So now I am ready to buy, but the 2017 was not red :( Dealers here could not help me, so after some looking around found the red coupe in Las Vegas. Don't know what forum rules are about posting dealer names, but the folks in Vegas really took care of me, a great buying experience. I would definitely recommend.

Honda really hit a sweet spot with this Si, (though I still think they could have made the engine a bit stronger, more in line with what VW has with the GTI.)
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