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Mirror Phone on Infotainment screen?

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Anyone know if its possible to mirror the iPhone screen on the infotainment display?
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The idea of Carplay is to keep drivers from being distracted and to only show relevant info. So probably no way to just mirror the display
Yea I realize that car play will not allow this, but if your stopped with the parking brake engaged, some aftermarket head units allow you to play videos on the display, if you have the correct adapter. Also through hondalink on the 2015 Civics looks like you could do this, I don't have a 2016 civic yet, still deciding, wondering if anyone had investigated this?
2015 Civic si video via iPhone : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SGQU91AAhmI
Still an evolution. The powers that be want to limit us in the name of safety. A noble goal. Problem is their efforts are years behind the times and we're still less safe juggling our devices while we drive in order to use the best and safest nav and communication and entertainments.

I'm going to use WAZE and Spotify and make calls and see weather radar and checklists no matter what. So are the people around you in traffic tomorrow. But for now it will not be possible even with Carplay or Mirrorlink. It's a step forward but just a small one.

There are a good number of workarounds now and to be sure we'll figure it out pretty soon.
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