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modifications I've made

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hi all, attached are my mod's
#1 i installed rear parking sensors, not to hard. bought them for a 2016 accord. there the only ones that work on the 2016 civic.
#2 lower grill guard. just window screening and zip ties, i did this to my 2012
keep the rocks out, when i remove the front bumper to exchange the horn ill secure it better.
#rear door scuff plates, don't understand why honda didn't offer these alond with the fronts but there from a 2015 civc and no modification to install.
#1 and #3 purchased from college hills honda , i purchased a lot of items from them for my 2012


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How do the parking sensors work and hook up do they interface with the touch screen system?

They have nothing to do with the screen, it only uses a buzzer in the trunk. The unit hooks up to the drivers reverse light, but you have to purchase the unit for a 2016 Honda Accord. It comes with no instructions or tools but at college hills Honda under 2016 electrical parts for accord 2016 look up the sensors and at the bottom of the page are installation instructions, good luck finding the 24 & 26 mm hole saws. I purchase mine from China from gearbest online. You also have to cut a hole through the trunk to get the sensor wiring harness out , the harness comes with a body grommet already attached. I also had to modify the sensor harness plugs to the reverse light but did not damage the original plugs to the light.
So your trunk buzzes when your rear is close to something?
Do you think there's a way to modify the grille in the way you did without using zip ties? If I do this i'll want a cleaner look going on rather than seeing zip ties like that. I'm picky.
It doesn't buzz it beeps slow from a distance and the closer you get the faster it beeps, just adds more safety to the reverse process.
As I stated in my first post when I remove the front bumper to replace the chump horn I'll address the grill guard. To get rid of the zip ties I'll have to attach the top &a bottom of the screening with screws or other type fastner
It doesn't buzz it beeps slow from a distance and the closer you get the faster it beeps, just adds more safety to the reverse process.
gorilla glue
Isn't the 15 Civic door sill a little deeper? Do you get overhang on one end? Was thinking about this since I have it on my 14 Civic but when I measured it was slightly deeper so i held back using on my 16 Civic. Thanks.
yes the 15 doors are deeper when installed they only hang over about 1/4' not enough to bother cutting because 1. it would be hard to cut straight with out trimming it but one could if you wanted. 2. your feet really
don't touch the plates either getting in or out of the car .their mostly for looks
here is the horn modification i replaced it with one i bought for my 2012 civic from college hills honda
here is the lower grill guard i did after taking off the front bumper
pictures of the front end without the bumper


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Took a while to figure out what I was looking at but amazing job on the grille guard! You must be very handy to be able to remove the whole bumper from the civic. How hard was it?
Bumpers aren't that hard to remove at all, one of the easiest things to do. Typically its a matter of removing screws from the top part of the bumper (lift hood to expose screws), underbody (where underbody cover meets bumper), and in the wheel well (where wheel well covers meet bumper) and where the fender meets the bumper. There's some slight variation from vehicle to vehicle but that's how it is for the most part.
I've always liked that feature when parallel parking. With the reverse camera and different levels of zoom I find it superfluous to have the beep thing.
trunk hinge mod

my latest mod. from a 2016 acura ilx trunk hinge garnish


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Did the trunk hinges fit perfectly or did you have to cut them down to size?
did not have to cut them , however had to drill two new holes in the hinge as the original ones did not line up . the fastener on the top is a blind one already attached to the plastic cover, so u must line it up and mark where to drill, the lower one has a hole in it so its easy to drill
What brand and model rear sensors did you get?
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