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Modifications to Your 10th Gen Civic

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The new 10th Gen Honda Civic Sedans are streaming into dealers and rolling off the lots with frightening pace (for the competitors). The Civic has always been a modders paradise and we don't think the new car should be any different.

With the sedans on lots, Civic Coupe on the horizon and a hatchback in the future, the aftermarket is already gearing up. What kind of modifications are you dreaming up for yours? Could be subtle as a tint to keep the heat out, winter tires in the NE or even small details. Yes Plasti-Dip counts.

We’ve already seen dealerships getting in on the fun. Honda Downtown in Toronto fully wrapped a 2016 EX in copper for promotional purposes.

How about a quick window tint or a new set of splash guards?

Are you into a bit of pin striping to give your Civic some personality?

How about something from Honda's own accessory catalog, like the body kit, bumper extensions or even wheels?

The Civic has long been a canvas for owners to show off their personalities. Whether you're the screaming look-at-me type, the quiet leave-me-alone guy or someone just trying to get to work everyday; how will you make the Civic truly yours?
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"Modifications to Your Lexus RC350"

Uh, at least pretend like you guys care about this car by not copying and pasting from your other forums.
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I want door light (forgot actual name for them) projecting the steam logo onto the floor.

Does the sedan have the led door lights? If the Sedan has them then the Coupe should too.
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I wouldn't classify window tints as a modification, along with splash guards, at least when going with the enthusiasts understanding and expectation of what a modification is, I see these more as accessories.

As for a real modification, some aftermarket wheel setup (Vossens?) will come once I get paint protection done, priorities first!
That is a really ugly shade of green. It's like key lime pie green, and in my opinion, that is not a good thing.
I think it looks okay. Would be better if it was matte but not horribly ugly.
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