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I know that this has been discussed here more than once, and my apologies to the admins for beginning a new thread but I didn't;t necessarily want this to get lost at the bottom of another discussion.

First, to describe the issue:

Smart entry will function normally if used within about (30) seconds of touching any button on the remote fob OR a similar amount of time after the car has been running. After about (30) or (60) seconds it's as though you left the remote fob in another country: touching the door handle does not trigger the car to unlock as it's supposed to. Further, if the car is already unlocked, touching/pressing the hatch release button on the rear of the car will not allow the hatch to be opened unless you:

  • press ANY button on the remote to alert the car of your presence
  • open and close any of the other doors on the car

As far as I've heard, this problem is exclusive to the 5-door (Hatchback, built in Swindon UK) and not the sedan or coupé.

Now, I have been beating my local Honda dealer up over the issues with the Smart Entry on my 2017 Civic EX Hatch since about two weeks after I bought the car last February. They have looked it over twice, the first time telling me that they couldn't duplicate the problem (which I was easily able to duplicate for them upon demand), and the second time they told me that the BCM (body control module) needed replacement. As has been discussed here before, a BCM replacement won't repair the problem but one must follow the path that they're offering if there's any actual hope for repair.

They promised me that the repair parts would arrive in a week, however, it was SEVEN WEEKS before they contacted me to say that they had the parts available for the repair of my Smart Entry issues.

When speaking with their lead tech and the service manager (because I didn't have much confidence in this process) I was told that this has become a known repair to Honda and that they have an upgraded BCM with new software and there's also a replacement for the door locking module as well. The annoying part of this is that they neglected to tell me that they'd need BOTH keys to the car in order to complete the repair as the keys require reprogramming due to the replaced locking module.

I will say that three hours later it is working normally, although many on this forum have had similar results by disconnecting their battery for approximately (10) minutes. I will be interested to see if this is a legitimate long-term repair or if the dealer service department was merely farting through the silk hoping that I'd simply go away.

On their parts list they only list a single number as replaced: 38809-TGG-A31, but I was told that a locking module was also replaced as a part of this repair, though it's number isn't listed on my paperwork.

Interestingly enough, though, the "Honda Multi-Point Inspection" sheet that they attached to my repair order is for somebody else's car, so I could be missing a page from my repair order.

I'd be interested to hear whether anyone else has had a genuine response from Honda about repair this issue or if everyone is still just working around it.
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