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Mugen Civic Type R To Go On Show Next Month

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Honda is going to be bringing a Civic Type R to the Tokyo Auto Salon next month with custom work done by Mugen and Modulo.

The Mugen Civic Type R has been given more aggressive styling, wheels and more. Mugen will also be showcasing their products on the Step WGN Spada minivan and the HR-V crossover.

Honda will be bringing a wide variety of vehicles to the Tokyo Auto Salon. They include: the S660, another Civic Type R, a Step WGN, Fit, N-One and N-Box. Additional vehicles being brought to the show include the McLaren-Honda MP4-30, NSX Concept-GT and the Concept CB cafe racer that was at the Tokyo Motor Show earlier this year.

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Yeah. I won the contest to go to the Tokyo Auto Salon too, but I did not have my passport and did not win in time to get one so I guess I'm not going. I emailed them back and asked about the possibility of going next year but they have never replied so I guess I just miss out lol. Ah well, I will survive but man I would have LOVED to go to this event and take a metric ton of photos for you guys on here!

Some bad timing on the contest part, and or fail on my part for not having a passport. My boss was going to get me in touch with the local senator and get it rushed possibly but when I never heard back from the site I didn't bother. I will get a passport soon though just so this never happens to me again! :)
You can usually get a rush on a passport for an extra cost. Contact your representative or senator, or just call the local agency to figure it out. I'd be a bit more gung-ho to get the passport and my free trip if I won.
Believe me I was super excited, but even the rushed passports take three weeks at best. The time period was three weeks until the trip and the holidays had the needed offices closed for major parts of the three weeks so the time frame was expected to be impossible. My boss literally has the personal numbers of the local senator on his phone and can call him anytime as they are good friends but was still not enough time.

I tried to ask about options but never heard back from the site here so I assume it is a lost cause at this point. The trip would be in two weeks and there is no way to get a rush that quickly in this state anyway. Some places are apparently quicker than others as I found in my searches. I'm super sad I missed out but I guess it is what it is at this point. When I entered the contest I almost applied for a passport then telling my wife I sure hope I win! Then I freaking win and can't go lol. Knew I was an idiot for not having a passport ready to go.
I was hoping they'd show some cool stuff for the 10th gen... but i guess the JDM market hasn't seen the new Civic yet...
I guess I was the backup winner. I'll try to take as many pictures as I can.
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Awesome, congrats sir! I was never told anything else so I'm glad someone is getting to go at least! I mean, yes, I'm mostly dead and crying inside my head, but glad the trip is not going to waste!

I hope you get a lot of photos and share how the overall experience of the trip is. Have to been to Tokyo before?
Awesome, congrats sir! I was never told anything else so I'm glad someone is getting to go at least! I mean, yes, I'm mostly dead and crying inside my head, but glad the trip is not going to waste!

I hope you get a lot of photos and share how the overall experience of the trip is. Have to been to Tokyo before?
Thanks. I feel bad that you weren't able to go, but am very excited for the trip. I've never been to Tokyo before but have wanted to go for a long time. It's a great opportunity. I wish I could have extended the trip somehow so I could see more of Tokyo, but this may wet my beak for another trip.
Cool, I too have always wanted to go there and I had the ability to extend my stay there for up to 10 days totally free with hotel nights I have but had no ability to get there due to passport. I have been building up free nights with some hotel credit cards and the like, and building airline miles too so we can afford to go somewhere neat out of the country, or several places, which will be easier if I can fly and stay free lol! Was a long term goal and while I was getting ready for it I am not close enough to have got a passport yet. Planning fail on my part I suppose.

I hope you have a great time and that it is amazing as I'd expect it to be! Always seemed like I would enjoy the country and the people so one day I'll get there for sure. Be nice to take my wife when I go I guess lol, and I'm sure she would have been quite jealous if I'd have gone without her for a first overseas trip! :) I was willing to take the heat though... Hahaha.

I about fell out of my chair when I got the PM as I expect you did lol! Be sure to share your thoughts on the visit and country too, via PM if you want. I'm needless to say very curious on your experience!
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Yeah, it was a total shock when I got the PM. My wife kept asking if it's a scam. Even in the back of mind I wasn't absolutely sure until I got the itinerary. Also because I didn't see an announcement of a winner by the mods. My wife an I try to travel once a year, but have never gone this far so I bought her a ticket so she can join me. I felt weird going by myself, especially so far away. The ticket is pricey, but I figured instead of a free trip for just me, it's a half price trip for the both of us.

Would love to get a chance to see Tokyo. Maybe we can go into Tokyo at night after the events. I'm trying to study up on the train system since transportation isn't include. Between the transportation, language, and food it's quite daunting. But that also makes it exciting.
I can't help but think how good Championship Yellow would look, and there's no better time to bring it back than now!

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Concerning getting that passport in a matter of a very few days or even 24 hours:

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