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Greetings from the great white North! - The beautiful country of Canada and more specifically the beautiful province of British Columbia that I and many others call home.
This is going to be a page of firsts. This is my first Honda Civic, my first brand new car and the first build page I've written in a long time but I'm very excited about it.
The other thing that I'm very excited about is my new YouTube channel/show called "Rick's Garage"
This build page will be updated in tandem as upgrades get installed and reviewed. I hope anyone reading this will also take a look and subscribe to the YouTube channel as I hope to provide some valuable tutorials and information.
Also, I would like to invite anyone who has questions, comments or criticism to chime in and post on this thread or on YouTube whenever you get the inspiration to do so. I am always excited to hear someone's opinion and even more so if I get an opportunity to learn something new.

Our story begins in August of 2018 when I found myself without a vehicle with thanks going to a drunk driver:

Thankfully the car wasn't occupied at the time of impact so any injuries were limited to the Hyundai. Since I wasn't planning on getting a new car at the time I had put very little thought into the offerings of the current car market; however, since the insurance company wasn't going to provide me with a loaner vehicle forever and I was starting an out of town job soon, the scramble began.

While trying to juggle a full time job as an industrial pipe welder I scoured the market, new and used - trying to decide on a replacement for my Hyundai Elantra which although lacking in flair, had served me well for many years. Anyone who has found themselves in a similar situation knows the struggle: "Do I buy new or used?" "Should I get something more responsible, or more fun?" "Should I treat myself and go for something shiny?"
After test driving several vehicles with varying degrees of success and satisfaction the search was narrowed down to a 2017 Civic Si and a 2018 Golf GTI - both smaller vehicles, both turbocharged, both in similar price ranges.
I opted for the Civic for a few reasons: I have always valued a sedan over a hatchback, mainly for the versatility and extra space and additionally I think sedans attract far less attention from law enforcement than their hatchback counterparts.
Now don't get the wrong idea here - I'm not planning on building some crazy race car that will terrorize the streets of BC. I want a daily driver that will have performance comparable to a much more expensive car, but the ability to blend into its surroundings more than say, a Civic type R or Focus RS.

After meeting with a very helpful salesman and the sales manager (to finalize some numbers) we all shook hands and I was able to take my new Orchid White 2017 Civic Si home.

More to come soon!


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Once I started the new construction job out of town, I was able to get a good feel for my new car. Unfortunately the last leg of the commute to work involved a gravel logging road. (not the best for 35 series tires) The saving grace was the majority of the trip was on a nicely paved twisty, turn-y highway with speed limits varying from 60 to 100km/h. (40-60 mp/h for my American friends)

When I think back to the 90s, the coveted badge of "Si" belonged to a Civic that was geared towards handling and performance. Thankfully some things haven't changed - I don't need to tell 10th gen Si owners how great their car is. What I will say is spending time running this beauty through corners reinforces my old opinion of what an Si stands for. I've noticed that the "old days" of high rev-happy civic engines are gone. I get the most enjoyment out of the 10th gen civic in the mid range. Blipping the throttle to revmatch from 4th to 3rd entering a corner, cutting hard and using that 3rd gear grunt to generate some G force exiting the turn? That's what I call fun!

Also, the push button Sport Mode is a wonderful feature. There is a significant change in suspension characteristics, steering and throttle response. Honda did an excellent job designing this car and put a lot of tech into it. Unfortunately, even with all that tech I found myself wanting more out of my Si. Maybe I drove the same route too often and the turns got stale? Maybe it was because I test drove "sportier" or more powerful cars? Whatever the reason, I kept wanting a little more rigidity going into corners - a little more throttle response. Always thinking "this is good, but it'd be better with a little.... more".
Let's do a quick rewind to the time of purchase. There was also a 2018 Civic Si sedan with an HFP kit installed on the dealer lot. The dealership seemed to be more motivated to sell the 2017 that I purchased but fast-forward to today and I find myself wondering - was that HFP equipped Si a car that would've been better suited to my driving needs?

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Alright! Now we're talking! With the help of the great folks at my local Honda dealership, I am now in the possession of a new HFP kit for Miss Vicky. I don't know how many of you reading believe in coincidence, or providence or whatever circumstances contributed to this purchase but it seemed like the universe was telling me that an HFP Si is what i should be driving.

As I mentioned in a previous post, after driving the car for a while I was left wanting more out of the stock Si suspension and wondering about the HFP kit. Shortly thereafter I came across an ad listed by a different Honda dealership offering an HFP in Orchid White for less than retail. I later learned that Honda is discontinuing Orchid White in 2019 so they needed to liquidate stock. Being the savvy buyer (cheapskate) that I am, I phoned my local dealer to see if they could match/beat the ad's price. To my surprise, they were able to give me an even better price so I pulled the trigger and the order was made!

Here's a breakdown of what's included in the kit (with part #s)
The Orchid White kit as a whole is p/n 18CIS-HFP-NH788
Red chin spoiler - 08F01-TEA-182
Side skirts - 08-TBA-130
Sport suspension (front and rear plus controller) - 08W60-TBF-300
19" Alloy wheels - 08W19-TEA-300
Floor mats - 08P15-TGG-110A
HFP side skirt badges - 08F20-TS9-100A
HFP trunk badge - 08F20-TS9-100
An HFP licence plate
Set of Michelin Pilot sport 4S tires 235/35R19

I am currently working 10 hour shifts in town at an oil refinery so I obviously need Vicky for daily transport duty. Unfortunately that means the installation of the kit will have to wait until the job is finished in March. Until then I'll be making new content for YouTube and updating you guys when I get a new treat or two in the mail. I'm not giving out any details yet but there may some fun things in Vicky's future...

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So that was a super fun trip! When I called Vincent to arrange a visit I wasn't expecting him to say yes, let alone come in on his day off to open up his shop. What a guy!

It was an early morning start to try and beat any traffic headed to the border. I had the car packed up with everything I could think of that I might need for a day of filming. It was a long drive down past the border and into Seattle/Tacoma. Anyone who's driven down the I5 knows that although it definitely the most direct route, it certainly isn't the most interesting. As I mentioned in the video the state troopers were out in force that day so I had to take things much easier than I normally would. It was so bad that I personally witnessed a trooper pull away from the shoulder after stopping a driver only to pull another one over about a quarter mile down the highway.

Although I had mapped the address to 27Won (which technically is in Washington state, I didn't realize how far south it actually was. When I arrived and was joking to Vincent that it felt like I drove to Oregon, he told me that Oregon was the next exit off the highway. Ha!

Vincent and his crew have made a pretty impressive setup at their headquarters. The showroom is big and bright showcasing their products. I was taken on the grand tour of everything that makes the action happen behind the scenes and it looks like a well oiled machine. Everything from the shipping area to the shop - even the huge employee lounge - was built with a specific purpose in mind.

Speaking of a specific purpose - as Vincent mentioned in the video, it's something he and his team have in mind every time they design a new part. It ends up providing something unique to consumers in a sea of generic aftermarket offerings. Most impressively is the "drop in" design of 27Won parts - they need zero modification to the car for installation. Although 27Won products aren't the most inexpensive option available - the quality of design and construction more than make up for the cost.

Thankfully it was an uneventful (although late) trip back home to finish off an awesome trip and get me some parts that will soon put a bit more pep in the step of Miss Vicky.
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