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My Honda has a mind of its own when it gets too hot.

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Not sure and haven't looked into it yet but my civic when the internal temperature reaches a certain temperature... the windows roll down on their own. It has done it twice now. Once before my eyes. The car is in parked position and off. Doors locked.
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Is the fob somewhere without any pressure on it? Reason I ask is holding the unlock button, even inadvertently, say, pressed against something in a crowded pants pocket, results in all the windows rolling down.
Are you holding the remote unlocking button for too long? That may be the cause as it's a feature.
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Remote windows down

:surprise:Lol thanks didn't know my Ext coupe did that tried it today opens windows and moon roof half way
Yup, it's been a Honda feature for a while. I think it was in the 04 Accord too but don't think it was in the 9th gen civic. The 10th gen just has everything!
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This is a cool feature to have that helps the heat wave escape the car before getting in. Thank you for sharing.
Eventually we'll be seeing someone ask how to turn it off since not everyone will want it on. But at least it's one way to ensure safety of animals or small children during hot weather.

Definitely, extremely helpful. That being said about the safety aspect of it... whoever leaves their pet or kids in a vehicle locked up like is just sick. That, in my opinion, is more than enough for some good jail time.
I'm not sure if there is a way to turn the feature off, at least not that I've seen.

Maine has a law where people are legally allowed to break windows if “animal’s safety, health or well-being appears to be in immediate danger from heat, cold or lack of adequate ventilation and the conditions could reasonably be expected to cause extreme suffering or death.”
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