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My Introduction

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I bought a new Civic coupe with 6 speed about a week ago. Got bit over 500 miles on it now and I'm loving it more and MORE!

I should tell you a few things before I comment on my car:
1) I was NOT looking for a Civic. I was looking for a Fit. On a limited budget and wanted pretty much the cheapest car I could afford. I drove a Fit and liked it a lot; but none were available with manual tranny...DID NOT want the CVT! Other things I liked about the Fit was the 4 doors and a LOT of usable room inside....
2) My last car was a 2004 Accord coupe V6 with the 6 speed manual. I owned it from new and it was basically trouble free until recently. I LOVED the car but repair issues were looming and I sold it so I would not have to address those issues. It had 172K on it. Since it was a coupe, it was a pain sometimes when I wanted to carry passengers. My brother is kinda big and had difficulties getting into the front seat. Moving the passenger seat back and forth to let people into the back seat was driving me crazy! SOOO, a Fit would resolve those problems and everyone would be comfortable.

I contacted a number of Honda dealers and all said NO manual Fits available this year; and maybe not for 2017 either!! Well, I wanted a car, and one dealer said they just got a Civic LX coupe with the 6 speed. It was the ONLY manual trans vehicle they had in inventory.

Long story short, I went to look at it next day and bought it!
It's a black LX coupe with black/ivory interior. At first I was a bit disappointed; didn't want another coupe and I've never had a black car before. Well, that didn't last long; I LOVE it!

Here's a bit of a review:
I love the styling; inside and out. Think they did an outstanding job on that.
I LOVE the color!!!
I NEVER wanted a black car; always thought they were too hard to see on the road and HOT because of the color. I've changed my mind!!
I love the 6 speed. Honda makes the smoothest shifting/ effortless clutch manual tranny on the planet...This is just the same; NO disappointment.
I like the way the engine sounds and responds. Its NOT the same as the V6 and has no where near as much torque; BUT its fun to drive. More of a challenge then just pressing the pedal and letting the car do all the rest.

I like the handling and the ride. The electric steering is a bit over boosted for my taste but I'm getting used to it. I also like all the features included with the LX....It has more stuff then I need and AVOIDS all the bells and whistles of the high end models.

OK, I didn't want another coupe. The Civic isn't that bad without the sunroof. The sunroof takes up a LOT of valuable head room!

The seats are very attractive but no where near as comfortable as the Accord. I also found it hard to find a comfortable driving position. The Accord is much better in these respects...In the Civic I feel like I'm sitting on the ground; the Accord has much more chairlike seats and driving position.
Also, I can feel the bumps in the road THROUGH the Civic seats. Something I never felt in my Accord.
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I think black cars are gorgeous, just to hard to keep clean, scratch, and swirl free.......sure look good though.
Congrats on your purchase ! I definitely see how the 4 doors would have been a lot more practical for you but glad to see the coupe is sufficing. The main thing is overall you like the vehicle and that's great ! Do you plan on doing any modifications to it yet though ?
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