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Here she is...I am happy with the Si as the Type R for now is out of my reach, but the Type R is great I work at Porsche I would be able to lease a 718 Cayman for great price maybe even cheaper then the R using the employee discount. Although the wife would not be happy with a 2 seater car, so the Si made sense and used her employee discount since she works at a BMW dealer that are the same owners as the Honda we went to I came happy with a new car and a great lease deal. I would like to own, but for now payments are more important and I love this car will i want to keep it forever? Who knows...well 0 down and $289 a month will put me in a car and this car packs a lot for the money IMO.
Looking to do some simple upgrades and get a set of 17s or 18s lightweight wheels because I will be taking her to do some Autox.
Any south Florida X gen Si owners here? From Pembroke Pines.


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